"Our philosophy is based not on saving time, but rather on the time it takes to get the coffee just right" ~ Alessandro Hausbrandt
Our Roasting Process

Our Roasting Process

Our truly Italian espresso is Wood-Roasted in beech-wood fired equipment. This ancient and artisanal (but mostly elapsed) process takes three to four times longer than gas roasting methods employed by most other coffee roasters, but guarantees a consistent, homogeneous roast through to the heart of the coffee bean.

"Quality is a language that knows no borders" ~ philosophy of Antica Tostatura Triestina
Organic 'Caffé Biologico'

Organic 'Caffé Biologico'

The coffee beans in our organic line are grown without the use of pesticides or chemical-based fertilizers. They are grown slowly in the shade using natural soil organisms to sustain the valuable nutrients needed to preserve the integrity of the coffee beans, which also happen to be loaded with antioxidants too.

"The coffee that I drink every day really is a must-have brand" ~ Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart's

Martha Stewart's "Must-Have" Espresso

Antica Espresso has been used by Martha Stewart on her television show since its inception five years ago and was featured on The Martha Stewart Show in January 2009 as one of her “must-have” products.

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Antica Espresso ... Putting 'Wood-Roasted' on the map

Antica Tostatura Triestina (or simply Antica Espresso as we refer to it as) is an outstanding wood-roasted Italian espresso that is currently served in 26 countries worldwide. Since 1996, Antica Espresso has also been served in some of the finest restaurants, hotels and coffee shops in New York City, as well as by selected national retail accounts across the country. Antica Espresso has been used exclusively by Martha Stewart on her show since its inception five years ago and is endorsed as one of her “must-have” products. Antica Tostatura Triestina is also served in the restaurants of Mario Batali, David Bouley, Terrence Brennan and Todd English.

Our drive for quality is a constant and all-consuming passion, helping to maintain the key elements of what should make the experience of our truly Italian espresso coffee so special. It is with this in mind that we are now committed to growing the brand across the USA with partners who share our own values and commitment to quality, consistency, customer support, continued education and an unwavering attention to the small details.

Learn about the history and uniqueness of the WOOD-ROASTING process.

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